Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Introducing Clara - Guest Post from Clea Simon

By Clara from the Witch Cats of Cambridge Mysteries 
by Clea Simon

Sisters can be so mean! “Clara the clown,” my two siblings call me. As if, because I’m the youngest, I’m some kind of silly little thing, when the truth is I’m much more alert and aware than either of them. More responsible, too. Laurel, for example, is so vain all she can think about is herself. And Harriet? Could she be any lazier? Neither of them care what trouble they cause when they practice their tricks without thinking. They certainly never seem to worry if their magic gets our person, Becca, in trouble.

Didn’t I mention? Laurel, Harriet, and I are cats – magical cats – and Becca is our person, the young woman whom we’ve been assigned to protect. All cats are magical, of course, but as the descendants of a long line of feline royalty, our powers are more potent than your average household pet’s, and with those abilities come additional responsibility. Not only do we have to keep our person safe, but we are forbidden from revealing our special abilities to her. 

That’s a problem, of course, because Becca desperately wants to be a witch. Bad enough that she has joined a coven, which means other humans come into our house every week and sit in all the good chairs, and now my sisters have made the situation worse. Harriet, that big orange fluffball, just had to summon a pillow when she wanted to nap, rather than simply leap over to the sofa. That she didn’t bother to see if Becca was looking – that she totally ignored that Becca had been trying out a summoning spell ¬– shows how careless she can be. And now Becca thinks she’s the one with magical powers. After all, that pillow appeared just as she finished her silly spell. Becca being a young and enthusiastic Wiccan, can’t be expected to realize the truth of the matter. But Harriet? Well, it’s as clear as the whiskers on my face that she should have known better, and all silly Laurel can think about is her silky Siamese coat – and that maybe Becca’s new status in the coven will help her with that handsome warlock. 

No, it’s clearly up to me to help Becca out of this mess – and to keep our family secret safe. “Clara the clown,” they call me. “Clara the calico clown.” Well, in this case, baby sister is going to have to save the day!

A Spell of Murder is the first in the new Witch Cats of Cambridge cozy mystery series from Clea Simon and Polis Books. "Delightful," raves Publishers Weekly. "You don’t have to be a cat lover to appreciate this paranormal cozy’s witty observations, entertaining dialogue, and astute characterizations."

You can reach Clea at www.CleaSimon.com or follow her on Twitter @Clea_Simon.


  1. You can do it, Clara. You have the clear-eyed thinking of a calico. I believe in you. Purrrrrrrr.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful, delightful new series! Thanks, Clea. Oh, and Clara.

  3. Sounds like an interesting new series!! Thanks for sharing Clara and Clea.

  4. Welcome, Clea - AND Clara! Delightful meeting you. Your human is a very lucky lady.